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December 3, 2020

The multitalented Bahamian saxophonist Torriano Barrett returns to his old stomping ground, not as a junior squash player, but now as a distinguished professional Jazz musician.

The fun and social sport was a big part of Torriano’s life growing up. His father, Psychiatrist Dr. Timothy Barrett, was a professional squash player and a member of the former Village Road Squash Club. He even played in the Rose Bowl, the Northern Caribbean Squash Championships.

In high school, Torriano attended squash lessons every week after school. “My dad was a passionate squash player, and I learned it from him in Junior School. I played competitive rallies with the local kids. The Club was a place where everyone came together to socialise,” said Torriano.

Today, most people know Torriano as a member of the jazz-fusion Essence Band, which has been performing at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar for some time. Tonight, Torriano will be a featured musician for live music night at the newly renovated Four Walls Squash and Social Club.

“I think the way the new management has upgraded the place is awesome. They’ve taken what it used to be and gave it a modern and sleek design while still preserving its squash history,” said Torriano, whose performance starts at 6.30 pm. The restaurant and bar is open from Noon to 9 pm on Thursdays.

A Passion for Music

Torriano’s start in music was in a corner of the music department at the former College of The Bahamas jamming out jazz sessions with his friends.

Torriano grew up playing the saxophone in church and listening to his dad play jazz music in the house all the time. He says that his dad would even quiz him in the car about the various jazz musicians. “He made me practice playing the saxophone for an hour every day,” said Torriano.

“But it has opened many doors for me, and now I’ll be performing at one of the oldest buildings on Village Road where I used to hang out and play squash.”

A Return to Squash

After attending Northern State University to study Business Administration and then growing his career in music, Torriano stopped playing squash for a while. “The club had closed, and I got busy pursuing my other passions,” he said. Now that Torriano has reconnected with his old stomping ground, the new owners are hoping to bring him back into the sport, not only on the music lineup.

“I still have all my gear; the rackets, uniform, goggles, everything. I’m planning on playing squash again soon. It’s great that the new owners are bringing back popularity to the sport and the property. Once people come and know what it is about, I think we can do big things together, especially in getting more young people involved in the sport of squash,” said Torriano.

While Torriano’s path led to him to become a professional musician, he still values the benefits, memories and lessons that playing squash enriched him with.

“I looked forward to the squash lessons as a kid. They kept me fit, helped me learn to be a team player while earning invaluable hours of social networking with some great folks, some of whom I still keep in touch with today,” he said.

Torriano is looking forward to seeing people he has not seen for a long time this Thursday when he comes to perform. “I am excited to be sharing my love for music with the members, family and friends of the squash community at Four Walls.”

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September 17, 2020

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